Lift, AL435T Tailgater 3-Axis Truck Lift

Sale price $ 2,750.00 Regular price $ 4,350.00

Harmar's Tailgater™ Lift, with motorized rotation, powered boom extension, offset geometry, and increased lifting capacity, can lift a power chair or scooter from the vehicle cargo area and position it beyond the lowered tailgate or on the sidewalk next to your vehicle. Adjustable limit switches automatically stop rotation to prevent contact with your vehicle. Variable column height, arm adjustments and adjustable base ensure custom fit. 

"Action Base" is a patent pending design that provides a full 180° of adjustment on the lift base mounting legs as well as a low profile leg base design that provides greater clearance when loading personal mobility vehicles (PMV's) into the cargo area. Available for passenger side only. 

See Inside Lift Section for Other Compatible Lifts

* Please call to verify vehicle application *

*Note: This product is to be installed by a certified Harmar dealer.